Paper Boot Camp  Training Manual

Getting Started In The Cash Flow Note Business Isn't Hard When You Know The Rules Have A PlayBook, A Plan And A Personal Mentor To Help You Step By Step!

Getting Started Really Is The Hardest Part Folks!

  • Where should you really begin?

  • What do you really need to know to begin?

  • What is the best paper to work with?

  • Residential or Commercial Paper?

  • Where do you find the best paper sources?

  • Should you really purchase leads?

  • How to qualify your buyers!

  • Do you really need to know how to use a financial calculator?

  • Where do you find Buyers...

  • How to qualify notes and buyers

  • How to work with brokers if you choose to!

If you are like most of our Boot Camp Members, you:

have been trying to get started in this business but have had little success

have seen at least one infomercials on the cash flow notes business..

have been to at least one mini-seminar in you city...

have invested in at least one weekend seminars....

have purchased at least two other paper training products

have been paying monthly web hosting fees for a clone web site.

are frustrated with the getting started part...

have discovered that it's not as easy as you were told ...

have discovered that the more you research the more confused you become ...

there's always seems be something missing.

just can't get the dots to connect.....

try and try but things just don't happen!

don't know what or who to believe anymore .....

are frustrate, confused and simply need some direction .....

have purchased leads with little results..(addressing envelopes is not your style)

been caught up in broker "daisy chains" and just can't deal with the sources ..

have found paper but have only brokers to take your deals to .....

have discovered that the offers you have received are simply too low

you frequently visit the other paper related sites and sources seeking answers...

too many conflicting stories and shady characters on the field .....

you want to play the paper game but just don't know how to do it effectively...

If you can identify with any of the above then this message is for you!
Just Keep Reading!

Getting Started Really Is The Hardest Part!

I know! I've been there!

My name is Durante' Parks and welcome to my note training boot camp! A simple solution for learning how to play the paper game STEP BY STEP. Finally, you can learn all you need to know to begin playing the cash flow paper game! I have taken my popular boot camp and created a digital version of my live workshop!

Yes, it really is a game! It's the business of financing! The note game is the business of real estate financing. Financing is the key to successful paper trades. A firm understanding of basic financing  and the ability to use a financial calculator is the foundation you must have! Master the fundamentals of financing first, then a complete new world of opportunities will appear! I guarantee it!

Without it, you will not be able to play the game effectively. You will be having the same paper blues this time next year!

It all boils down to financing and to be successful in the cash flow paper business, you have to understand financing. There is no exception! That's what I teach and that's what we do! 

There are hundreds of courses, books, seminars and web sites promoting note related information. There are numerous variations and approaches to playing the paper game. There are forums, discussions boards, discussion groups and all sorts of communities that are paper oriented. Information is every where. Yet, the same questions are posted on all of these communities " How Do I Begin?", "What's the Best Book or Course to take?", "Where can I find a mentor?".  Apparently, something is missing from these training courses isn't it? They are missing the personal training component!


We have one product and one service! We teach individuals How to Play The Paper Game, Where to Play, and Who to play with. No hype, No back end sales, No fluff! A true boot camp training manual. We teach YOU what you need to know to begin. Things like:

Optioning  Notes...just as it is with real estate, you don't have to own a note to sell it. And you don't have to have any money to do it! You simply need to control the note. You can do this with a one page option agreement. No Broker agreements and all that junk! I teach you how to make offers on notes with confidence.


Brokering Notes: I don't teach you how to broker notes. I teach you how to buy notes by making offers on them. You have to be a player to play and this starts the game! I show you how to earn profits from your trades and pay commissions. Commissions are for middle me. Get out the middle and "be the man or woman"!

Are you ready to play with some paper players! Are you ready to stop playing around and to get serious about your paper business? I'll show you how!


Finding Notes: Finding paper is not a complicated task. They are recorded in every county court house in the USA. You can even scan the court house record on line and see all the notes you want. The challenge is finding notes that are available for sale and are saleable. I'll show you how to use the MLS book to find all the paper you want and the property to boot if you want it. DataQuick and Equifax are the most popular lead sources. They offer excellent products. But I use and recommend another source thats better, cheaper and does no require a contract.

Listen, it's a big playing field out there and it's a lot to know and it is very easy to get lost and caught up in a lot of foolishness! You have to get on the playing field in order to play this game my friend! I will prepare you for the game and go on the field with you. The first game you play will be with me in the Boot Camp.  

Stop Playing Around And Learn
How To Get Paid And Not Played!

I'll teach you how to play the game It's no joke ! The question is, are you serious or are you curious! There is a difference you know! 

Accepted the fact that you need some help! I can help you!

Keep reading and see how I've help others and how I can help you also !

My Boot Camp picks up where the other training ends. I show you how to take all those bits and pieces of information and put them into a workable Plan. I give you something to believe for! I keep you motivated and in a forward motion! I monitor your progress and develop you! Step by Step! Yes that's right! I monitor your progress with periodic test, assignments, exercises and even exams. I hold you accountable for your success. I make you do the things you must do in order to reach your objective!

I push you when you need a push and  pull you when you need a pull!

Look, save yourself the hours, the frustration, the trial-and-error, the false starts and all the other headaches involved with trying to start your "paper" business on your own! There's a smarter and better way!

Sure, you CAN do it on your own from scratch. But that's the hard way and you don't have to. Bypass the trial-and-errors by following a structured interactive hands on training program that includes a personal trainer, a coach, personal support and personal consultations. It doesn't get any easier than this folks!

Why Reinvent When You
Can Simply Duplicate?


You don't need to know everything about the paper business to be successful. You just need to know the right things like:


Knowing the difference between conforming and non-conforming paper

Understand Why and How paper is created. We show you how it's done!

How to calculate balances and discounts on paper.

How to find quality paper that's available for sale with one simple url.

How to approach and negotiate with note holders.

How to make offers to purchase notes Included!

How to negotiate with note buyers Included!

How to work with brokers if you choose to. Included!

Knowing when to purchase, option or broker a note. There is a difference!

Which documents to use and when to use them! Included!

How to automate the entire process.

Learn how to make offers and earn profits!
Not commission!
Brokers earn commissions!
make profits and pay commissions!

Who  Can Use This Training?


You can use this training to start a very lucrative home based Note Business or several other cash flow paper businesses. Mortgage Notes are just one of the numerous cash flow opportunities available. The training you receive can be applied in numerous fields. It's all paper. Just different types! But there is a financial equation that unlocks it all. You'll have that key! It's not just Paper! It's Much More Than That! Real Estate notes is where we begin!

See More Opportunities by Clicking Here

It All Boils Down To Financing!


Realtors and Brokers

You can easily increase your sales ratios by increasing you knowledge of "owner carry back paper". Structure notes that will sell or even take you commissions as second mortgages. You can learn hoe to use those MLS books to locate tons of paper that you can profit from even if the property never sells. And with a little work, you can easily use this training to purchase properties with no money down and get rebates at closing. You're know how to create paper to close the deal and how to covert that paper into cash at closing! This training will give you the competitive edge you need! You need to know these real estate financing techniques!

The Key To Real Estate Sales I$ Financing!


Real Estate Investors:

Add some new tools to your real estate investment tool box. Learn how to reduce you initial cash outlay by incorporating more paper into your purchases. Discover how to make purchases based on cash flow and not on a $500.00 appraisals. Learn how to acquire 90-110% financing for commercial and residential financing just for the asking! No qualifying needed! Also learn How To Assume Non Assumable Loans, and why the Wrap-Around-Mortgage is the ultimate tool for getting around those nasty "Due On Sale Clauses". Know how to profit from prepayment penalties when you are the purchaser or the seller of a property. Sorry, this technique will not work when refinancing. These are a just a few of the techniques that are covered in our Boot Camp. You don't need to know everything there is to know about real estate financing.
Just the right things!

The Key To Real Estate Investing I$ Financing!


Paper Brokers:

Learn How To Get Paid and Not Played! Stop giving away profits! Are you a broker marketing to other brokers! There are no profits in daisy chains! You're wasting your time! There are too many hands in that cookie jar. You will never earn a dime playing this game! Learn how to locate paper holders directly, contract to Buy at 80% and Sell at 93%.You take all the profits! No brokers to split your profits with and no middle men to deal with. Cut the fat and increase the profits! Swap you broker list for our Lender and Investor Directory. Learn the insider secrets to really playing the paper Game from actual players. Referral fees are for spectators. Burst out from the crowd and be a paper player.
Get paid and not played!
It really is a game! Become Paper Player!

The Key To Cash Flow Paper I$ Real Estate!


About Some Of Our Members

Our diverse members are a testimony of the broad application of our training.  Our members consist of the following:

  • 4- Experienced Internet Marketers

  • 2- Programmers

  • 1- Network Administrators

  • 3- Small Business Owners

  • 2- Homemakers seeking part time income

  • 1- Unemployed Graduate Student

  • 2- Paper Brokers

  • 2- Money Brokers

  • 1- Bankers

  • 1- Masseuse

  • 1- Mortgage Loan Officer

Because our training is so personal, each person has a unique experience even though they all are learning the same material. It's all in the presentation and the personal mentoring.

Here's what our members are saying !

"After spending thousands of dollars on other programs that provided a lot of information, but little in the way of support, I feel I have finally found a group of people who actually care about whether I succeed and are actively helping me achieve my goals. This is a TRUE and REAL mentoring program." 

Jenny Adams

Network Administrator
Sacramento, CA

Network Administrator

"You are answer to prayer for me and my family.  We have been asking God to show us a way that we can earn a good living working for our selves, from anywhere and around our family goals and priorities.  In just a very short time the knowledge, insight, tools , coaching and mentorship you have provided has show us how to generate a seven figure income -- something we did not expect! "

A Funding Consultant

"Although I've seen the late night infomercials on TV, I was one who did not jump in and spend $2,000. Man I'm glad I waited to get involved with your group. It costs much less money to be a part of your club and with what I'm hearing from others, the support and mentoring is far superior to the "other guys". 

A Bankers Testimony!

"He just took me by the hand and gave me a real true understanding about the note business. "

A Note Broker Fesses Up!

"His knowledge and unique teaching style is personal and so refreshing."

A Note Broker! is by far the best Mentoring Program in existence on the Note business.

I have purchased several other programs, been a participant of some and attended discussions on others. None of the other programs gave me the understanding and progression in the note business that I have received by being one of Durante' students and a mentoring program member.

Chauncey White
San Francisco, Ca


A Mentor Really Makes A Difference!

We don't just tell you WHAT to do...
we also tell you
HOW to do it
and we even do it
WITH you!


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